Lactic Dehydrogenase (LDH)

All three cancer patients at the Gerson Clinic have elevated levels of LDH (lactic dehydrogenase).  Laura’s started out being extremely high 272 (the acceptable range is 90-176), but within a week her level has dropped 20 points to 250.  Dr Cervantes says this is a good sign that her body is clearing out the toxins.  

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  1. Kerry says:

    As they say – AWESOME!


  2. Jake aka Heather says:

    You go Laura!!! You can definetly do this! Do you remember when you were working me out? You were an awesome trainer. I didn’t think I could do another sit up…but you spurred me on…”come on Hea-tha just three more”…then I would do it, much to my surprise. Then you would say, “ok, just two more now”, man you were tough! But you taught me an important lesson about what I thought my body could do and what my body was actually capable of doing. You got this one girrrl!!
    Sending healing energy!


  3. Christina Sunley says:

    Hi Laura! Wow, it is so nice to see your beautiful face again!
    : )
    Kerry told me about your diagnosis and treatment in Mexico. Just want you to know I am sending healing, loving thoughts your way. Looks like you have found a wonderful partner to help you through this.

    Love and hugs,



  4. Jamie says:

    Yea! I will keep sending loving and healing vibes to you. I am so glad the two of you have one another. Go Go Go!


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