Our New Friends

We’re so glad we came to the Gerson Clinic in Tijuana. We’ve learnt so much and best of all, we’ve been in the company of an extraordinary bunch of brave people – 2 patients here have been in and out of hospital during their stay, 3 patients have been diagnosed with breast cancer, 2 lymphoma, 1 ovarian cancer, 1 pancreatic cancer, 1 throat cancer, 1 gall bladder cancer, 1 very sweet 17-year-old girl is crippled (we hope temporarily) with arthritis after taking a prescription antibiotic for her acne, and 3 fun Southerners came to rebalance their health before anything too dramatic happened (what great foresight!)

All this week our dear new friends have been returning home amidst tears and promises to stay in touch. This healing experience bonds you like no other. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve fretted over lab results and how to juice and do a castor oil enema (!) ..sharing tips and inner truths about our selves. To Brigitte, Carla, Dalma, Donna, JD, Jessica, Kay, Melissa, Rich and Roddy, we hope you’ll always stay in touch and that we’ll see you very soon in New York!






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  1. Jamie says:

    I hope you all keep in touch. Heart connections are strong even from a distance and important. I dig the bicycle T on Laura!

    enjoy your last few days at the clinic. You all look amazing! Keep on keepin’ on. Sending you love and healing vibes.



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