Day 1 – Back in New York

It’s 9 pm.  We just stopped work and we’re totally pooped.  It’s taken the 2 of us, plus Brenda our weekday angel, working pretty much non-stop to crank out all the bits and pieces for Laura’s 10 juice/4 enema Gerson routine.  

Yesterday, we arrived back at 11pm to a very clean apartment and a fridge stocked with Gerson foods, thanks to my sis’ Andrea and Laura’s mates Reg, Nicki and Toni, who also filled the apartment with balloons and prezzies.  The three New Yorkers also spent the evening making the special Hippocrates soup and the coffee enema concentrate.  What a blessing!  Laura was in the bathroom by 11.30pm doing her final enema and then downed some Hippocrates soup before bed. I stayed up ’til 2am trying to sort out the malfunctioning fridge which had resulted in a lot of wilted and frost bitten veggies (the romaine transformed into iceberg in a day).

Up at 6am this morning and off to a bumpy start. Laura and I were uncharacteristically shirty with each other (that’s English for irritable).  Probably a combination of sheer panic at our respective to do lists and lack of sleep.  We only got 3-4 hours last night. 

It didn’t help that 3 of the 6 Thermoses we bought on Amazon arrived broken and the gruel recipe came out by turns grey, greige and milky white (some of the Gerson recipes are fairly loose on timing and quantities).  One of the funniest mishaps was when someone made ‘chamomile’ tea using bay leaves.  Obviously not the hand of a botanist, although the fault was likely my own sketchy directions.

Fortunately Brenda is a whizz with the Norwalk juicer.  But ‘the Beast is untamable and still catches her by surprise.  She set a new record by raining down carrot confetti from the front door to half way across the living room. That’s going to be hard to beat!

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