Coffee Enema Problems

This week Laura developed problems doing her coffee enemas. She had acid reflux (burning from her throat to her stomach) and has been unable to hold the coffee/chamomile tea mix in for the full 12 minutes.  She is already on a special soothing formula of 6 oz of coffee concentrate, 8 oz of chamomile tea and 10 oz water. But it seems that even this can cause problems.

The culprit, we discovered, is the preparation of the coffee concentrate.  If the coffee is accidentally boiled instead of simmered for 15 minutes, it gets too strong.  Also, sometimes the coffee sits around waiting to be strained and this too creates a noxious brew.  Laura’s system is now exquisitely sensitive. There was a time when she could down 4 shots of espresso at breakfast and feel invigorated. But those days are gone.


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  1. This is a very insighfull post.


  2. Lucy says:

    This is very helpful information! I have begun getting heartburn after coffee enemas and could not figure out why. I will be sure to strain right after it has brewed. Hopefully, that will help with the heartburn. Thanks for the tips. Blessings to you and your journey!


    1. Hi Lucy, Here’s another big thing that should help you. Kathleen Blake from the Facebook Gerson Support Group pointed me to a wonderful heartburn cure. It works for a lot of Gerson patients (just about everyone has a tiny hiatal hernia causing the problem. We aren’t aware of it until doing something like the Gerson Therapy). Please le me know if it also works for you and I’ll post the instructions on the site. Wishing you well, Lucie


  3. Lucy says:

    Great! Thank you, Lucie! I am actually not a Gerson patient. But, I found so much relief for my migraines following the Gerson Coffee enema method and juicing. The coffee enemas have been a miracle.
    I will give Dr. Williams exercise a try for the heartburn and let you know.
    Blessings to you.


  4. Dave Magana says:

    Hi, when I click on the link for how to fix hiatal hernias it says the page doesnt exist. Can you tell me the process as I get heart burn after every enema…Thanks!


    1. Lucie Young says:

      Dear Dave

      So sorry to hear that. I no longer remember the recipe for the hiatal hernia fix. it was some simple physical trick that cured it. I think the person who helped was Kathleen Blake who helps run the Gerson Therapy Support group on Facebook, a fabulous fund of useful information. Kathleen did the therapy years ago and has helped shepherd many people through. I only wish Laura and I had found her earlier.

      good luck, Lucie


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