Stinky Pits

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 7.35.28 PM

Laura – I always prided myself on having armpits that didn’t smell.  I used a crystal rock as a deodorant and it really curtailed the odor. Little did I know that it contained aluminum which is highly toxic. Like most people I thought if it didn’t contain aluminum chloride it was okay to use. Well it’s not, because it has other alum in it and nobody should put aluminum under their arm where their lymph system is. Back in the 1980’s we all gave up cooking with aluminum pots because we heard it wasn’t good for us. Well, it‘s certainly not good to be rubbing aluminum under your arms.

Earlier this year someone told me about using fresh lemon as a deodorant. It works beautifully!  I turned a couple friends on to it. But now I don’t use anything and I stink. I wash my armpits and 15 minutes later I smell again.  Today I just look at it as toxins coming out of my body and I will not stop them.  I wash often and that has to be good enough.

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