Killing the Tumors

Soon after Laura developed a high temperature (103.2) yesterday afternoon, her bleeding almost stopped.  But after taking the acetomenophen in the evening to normalize her temperature the bleeding started back up. Did we stop the healing action too soon –  before the tumors fully died off?  In the Gerson books it says you shouldn’t cut a fever, it is the body fighting the tumors.  But she had been feverish on and off all week.  Her friends were super worried it was damaging her and she would go into a coma.  Even Dr Cervantes said she could take the acitemenophen in the evening if she wanted it.  And by 8.30pm she had had enough and wanted the pills.

But even after the fever ended, her body still seemed to be fighting something.  All night long Laura sweated profusely in her sleep.  She soaked through 5 T shirts. At one point I had to dry the pillows and duvet cover by blasting the oven and placing them on the open oven door.  She slept for 13 hours straight with me waking her every hour or two to check her temperature, get her rehydrated, bathe her body and keep her dry.  And now in the last 5 minutes, she is up, the sweating seems to have ended she is walking around for the first time in over a day!  A very good sign…

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