Laura – I can’t tell you how many times I want to stop the Gerson diet, especially now that I have a secondary infection. I feel dizzy and weak. I haven’t been juicing or doing enemas for days so in some way I’m not doing the Gerson therapy right now. All I can really do for the most part is lie down and rest. Of course I’m still eating the Gerson way which means no meat or fish. Growing up I was always told animal protein is what we need for healing and that’s still in my mental system. I just want to be healthy again without infection and go back to being “old melanoma Laura” where I’m strong enough to get up every morning and do my enemas, make my juices and breakfast. Right now this good thing of having fever feels like a set back. The fever is supposed to kill the tumors. I just wish it would already.

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  1. colette says:

    Dear Laura,
    It is not called a healing ‘crisis’ for nothing. You are doing great. You and Lucy astonish and inspire me. Feel love.


  2. Jake aka Heather says:

    Hang in there girrrl and ride the wave! Sending you love! See you tomorrow.


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