Together Forever

Laura woke up this morning and said ‘Come here. You are mine now!’  We’re both loving being married.  We had no expectations, none. But it’s no exaggeration to say we are over the moon.  It is as if the world revolves a little differently today –  lighter, gentler and sweeter.

If we’d planned our wedding for months (instead of over a few hours at the end of last week) it couldn’t have been more perfect or more heart felt. Rebecca, our minister, fashioned her first ever wedding beautifully to suit our judaeo-christian heritage and pantheistic bent. Instead of exchanging rings, we swapped paper hearts (saved off last year’s xmas tree). There were tears (lots) and flowers everywhere – exuberant frothy white bouquets from Liz and Rebecca, a huge pink and white arrangement of roses and lisianthus from my family in the UK. They all matched our clothes, which is odd as it was going to be a flannel pajama wedding until the last minute when Laura put on her jeans and favorite pink t-shirt and I scrambled to find something clean.

My parents and sister’s family joined in from the UK via Skype. My nieces Saskia and Isabel were virtual bridesmaids throwing confetti at the computer screen, eating traditional British wedding cake (a rich fruit cake with white frosting), and cheering us on.

Because Laura had been so fragile recently we decided to have only as many people as could fit on the couch to join us. We only needed 2 witnesses, but we had a third for luck. So Reg, Nicki and Toni joined us along with Rebecca and Liz and each had to do an impromptu reading. We had Laura’s one and only poem to me, our favorite Mary Oliver poem ‘Messenger’, psalm 23 and fragments from the Song of Solomon. Laura lit up the room like a kingfisher diving into the pond and she is still glowing today. I think marriage suits us. Hooray!!!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Choral Eddie says:

    Hooray to both of you! Hooray, Hooray!!


  2. Jamie says:

    Hooray! Let your love glow!


  3. Kathleen Blake says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful day with us. xo


  4. colette says:

    Mazel tov! May you relish every sip, xxoo


  5. Todd Dailey says:

    what a wonderful day… a wonderful experience… a wonderful love…


  6. Hi Todd, I will always love you and your family! xooox


  7. Melodie Bryant says:

    So happy for you both!!!


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