In hospital

Today Laura and I are in Memorial Sloan Kettering’s inpatient facility for cancer patients.  Laura was admitted yesterday. Her pain management doctor was struggling to control her pain and nausea via phone and wanted her to come in to be monitored 24/7 to find a more effective drug combination.  Laura was vomiting up all her food and feeling so nauseous and dizzy from the drugs that she would lie on the floor rather than in  bed or on the couch. She has also developed nearly continuous daytime fevers that rise up every couple of hours and aren’t easily controlled by Tylenol or Advil. So we’re here.

And so far the results have been pretty terrible.  Laura was given zofran, an anti nausea medication last night even after we stated repeatedly that it makes her sick and sure enough she was sick repeatedly and had her worst night yet!  Wow. She was also given an IV of the anti-nausea drug Atavan that was so strong it knocked her out so badly it took minutes to revive her.  The doctor agreed to half the dose, but at bedtime a different doctor wanted to give her 1.5 times the dose. This morning they wanted to give her a quarter of the dose..!!?  We’re hoping Dr Moryl, who suggested she come here will be around today. We’re waiting and hoping and in the meantime, we’re seeing a procession of doctors and nurses who don’t seem to communicate well with one another. Please, Dr Moryl to the rescue soon…

It is torturous to see Laura suffer so and feel so useless to alleviate her pain and it was  incredibly hard to go home to an empty house last night and realize that soon I may be on my own.  She is the love of my life.  We haven’t spent a night apart in 5 months – until yesterday.

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  1. colette says:

    Dear Lucie,
    I think you are the bravest, most tender human on the planet. I am so glad Laura has your help now, and I know you will find what you need later. It’s obvious you are an angel of invention and adaptation.
    Shine on you crazy diamond,


  2. Kerry says:

    Colette got Lucie exactly. Well said, Co. Well said.


  3. Jake aka Heather says:

    Thinking of you both, and sending you love. The wedding video was so beautiful. Thanks for sharing that special moment with us all.


  4. Dearest Lucie and Laura,

    Our thoughts and love are with you. BIG HUGs… happy for your marriage and your eternal love. Kathy and Dan


  5. Melodie Bryant says:

    Oh Lucie my heart goes out to you both. We are all so helpless and she and you have been so very brave. All my love to you both. May there be some compassion among the medical staff to not put her through more than they need to. Much love,


  6. Paul Pilch says:

    My heart goes out to you Lucy. I’m hoping Laura’s doctor knows what to do and does it quickly. STAY STRONG. Much love to you both….
    I’m still planing on seeing Laura on Friday. Will you please let me know if anything changes and we have to postpone my visit. I’m hoping I can see her.
    Thank you Lucy!


  7. Orin Kotula says:

    Dearest Lucie:
    Thank you for sharing this information with us, though it is so hard to do. Being in the hosIpital is made more difficult when the doctors give conflicting information. I hope that Laura will be able to come home with the right meds to keep her comfortable and nausea free. You are an angel for caring for Laura while she is going on this difficult journey. I am just one of the many, many people that love the Big Girl and want her to have the best.


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