The Bossy Pants Award

bossy pants

Laura and I’s favorite vacation photo is a boring garden snap which prominently features Laura’s finger indicating the direction in which I should have taken the shot.  We howled with laughter over this picture. We both thought each other was ‘the bossy one’ in the relationship.  It was a source of endless mirth and some vexation that we didn’t have an umpire – like they do at Wimbledon – to hand down an official verdict.  I was always pretty sure Laura would sweep the trophy. Of course, she thought I would.

Neither of us was perfect. Far from it.  In Laura’s online dating profile she wrote, ‘I’m not perfect, you don’t have to be either’.  It was a great relief.  I strongly believe one of the reasons our relationship flowed so sweetly is that we managed  to defuse, with mirth and teasing (we were both masters of the exaggerated eye roll), the odd little OCD foibles that can strain a relationship  (me wanting the kitchen floor washed and bed made daily.  Laura wanting the bathroom towels folded in thirds etc, etc, etc ).  In this way our nutty edges were softened by playful acceptance and lots of cheeky ribbing.


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  1. katy keck says:

    Uh, for the record, Laura was totally right about the towels in thirds!!!


  2. Ha ha ha! Did Martha Stewart (or Laura) give you $10 to say that.. You can’t be serious there is a right way to fold towels on the towel rail?

    The funny upshot of all this is that when we did the Gerson diet, we had to take the towels off the rails (we needed them for the enema paraphernalia) and stick up two horrible plastic hooks on the bathroom door. Oh vanity…


  3. teochasse says:

    Sometimes I do research the “cervical mucosal melanoma” articles on the Internet,and that’s how I accidentally found this blog.I am so sorry for your tragic loss.Laura seem to have been a truly wonderful person.There are less than 90 women in the world diagnosed with cervical mucosal melanoma .I am one of them. I was diagnosed with it in June 2010 and I was given numbered days to live. We were in complete shock,how do you ever get prepared to die at 39?Yet 4 years on by God’s Grace I am still here and evidently I am one of the only two women in the World that ever survived this truly horrible disease.The other one is a lady from Mexico that is still NED 8 years after radical pelvic exoneration .My doctors call me a Walking Miracle. Do I have the Survivors Guilt?Absolutely.I often ask myself why I was the chosen one to live?I don’t know yet and I still struggle to understand. What made me so special that my life was spared when everyone else succumbed to this Killer of a Cancer?But almost certainly facing death made me appreciate every single second of my life. Life is so fragile and short and can be taken away from you in a second…..just like that.

    If you ever wish to contact me and talk to me, please do.
    My sincerest condolences,
    Teodora Chasse


    1. Dear Teodora

      How wonderful to hear from you and especially to hear that you survived this vicious and rare cancer! Laura and I found only one person who had survived vaginal mucosal melanoma for 20 years and who had succeeded by following the gerson technique, which is why laura chose to do it. I would love to talk to you. Are you in the US? Could you email me via my website (use the contact button) and tell me how to reach you (via phone and/or email).

      thank you for being in touch + may you be well always!


  4. Hi Lucie,

    I am sorry I did not get back to you immediately, I just saw your response to my previous post.Yes ,I am located in the US,we live in the state of Maine.My E-mail address is,my Skype is:teochasse,I can give you my telephone in an E-mail.
    If you need to talk to someone who knows that dark place you come from,you are welcome to contact me.

    All the best to you,
    Teodora Chasse


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