Blithe Spirit

Laura has been making her presence felt these past few weeks, sometimes when I am home alone and sometimes when I have company.  Cards fly off the bookshelf in unison, objects vibrate or jump  (two friends witnessed this at dinner one night) and one of the lamps in the living room flickers intensely and then cuts out whenever a certain subject close to Laura’s heart is brought up (4 friends saw that too).  Two days ago I was making up a silly song about one of Laura’s nicknames (just as Laura and I used to do almost every night) and whenever I got to the word ‘pop’ a water bottle on the bedside table popped too.  It happened 5 times in a row. The next morning while making breakfast I sang out ‘pop’ again and the water bottle popped in unison!  Don’t get me wrong if I was reading this instead of experiencing it, I would be thinking this person is losing their marbles. But fortunately I’ve had friends witness these incidents and now they are fairly commonplace.

When all this first started to happen I was a little freaked out. I had imagined Laura as an angelic presence, not a mischievous ghost in the vein of the Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit.  I  was also worried that Laura hadn’t moved on to the next realm and was instead trapped here on earth. But then I remembered that in the movie What The Bleep Do We Know  and the book The Intention Experiment, quantum physicists talk about a phenomenon called superposition, where we can exist in many different realms at once.  So maybe spirits have the divine capacity to be omniscient and omnipresent too.  More recently,  I’ve come to think of  the strange pops, flickers and flashes as Laura’s playful presence in the house, trying to communicate and reassure me she is still watching over me. And I delight in her little games, just as I used to. Of course, it also helps that I can sometimes feel her holding me, a cool rush of air and a ‘kiss’, a ‘head’ on my shoulder or a ‘hand’ on my cheek.

A clip from “What the Bleep” on superposition

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  1. J Meslin says:

    Do you remember Lucie, a light blew out when we all sat down to watch the Dhamma Brothers…..hmmm!


    1. Yes! I had forgotten. Flashing lights seems to be the Laura bat signal.


  2. Matilyn T. says:

    Lucie, I read your post on the Meditation Challenge and looked up your website. I would like to recommend a website to you.
    The International Association of Near Death Studies has amazing resources.that can help understand and deal with the passing of a loved one. with love,
    Marilyn T.


    1. Thank you. I’ve just been looking at Raymond Moody’s book on NDEs and he mentions the site.


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