My Last Summer

Tonight I watched part 2 of the harrowing British docu-series My Last Summer about 5 terminally ill patients coming to terms with their imminent death and how their friends and loved ones are coping. It is heartbreaking to watch, especially as most  have lost nearly all of their friends since their diagnosis (worse still, one husband walked out on his wife of 25 years soon after she was diagnosed and another husband buried himself in his work, unable to talk to his dying wife). They all simply couldn’t cope.  Most didn’t know what to say or pre-emptively couldn’t deal with their loss.

Laura and I were so blessed to experience so much love and support from friends. I wonder did it help that we had a mission and that Laura was so passionate about the Gerson Technique?  Did it help to rally everyone to our home and to this blog with a positive focus – OK juicing was often hard labor –  but did it pull us all together?  Or perhaps we just lucked out and have fantastic friends. The one thing I do know is that Laura loved all the attention and all the comments on this blog.  I cannot imagine how hard and lonely it is for those whose friends and loved ones shun them due to their own pain. Fortunately the husband in the series (the one who buries himself in work) finally realizes he is only making his loss worse: ‘I’m going to have to make time now to be with her because there won’t be a later,’ he says.

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