Calling You

calling you

Every few days I catch myself thinking ‘I should call Laura’. Then I remember I can’t.  My first thought when I arrived here was ‘I have to call Laura and tell her I’ve arrived safely’. For a split second it seemed life was normal and she was just home in New York. I guess when I am here in the UK, I  am used to thinking Laura is simply a phone call away. Tonight browsing Time Out London I saw that actress Eve Best (from Nurse Jackie) is getting rave reviews for her performance as Cleopatra. Laura and I loved Eve Best in Nurse Jackie and I thought, ‘ I have to tell Laura. She’ll get a kick out of that.’ Mostly when we were apart we Skyped.  I would put my MacBook Air by my pillow and pretend we were just chatting in bed together. One time, when I was really blue, Laura did the most fantastic saucy dance on Skype to Phyllis Nelson’s Move Closer and got me to laugh. Now, if only I had a video of that…

Move Closer –

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