The living room light started to flash like crazy when I started to trim Laura’s photo for ‘the air we breathe’ post.  Now if you’ve read earlier posts you’ll know that lamp is Laura’s bat signal, and if you read the ‘bossy pants award’ you’ll know she is especially keen on pointing out if I am not taking a good shot or editing well.  Every time I tried to trim that picture the light went crazy. In the end I gave up and burst out laughing. ‘Laura I am just going to leave it as it is, if you give me a kiss’.  The lamp immediately quietened down and a lovely warm feeling suffused me.  You probably think I am suffering from pollution induced madness,  or just plain madness. I don’t care. I’m just glad she is still around and as fun and feisty as ever.


6 thoughts on “PS

  1. That’s a neat, amazing occurrence. Give her a big “hug” for me. Reading this truly makes me feel that she is still with us, enjoying our company. I’m very touched by this story! Love, Steve


  2. Hi Lucie, I haven’t left a comment recently, but I wanted to let you know I read every one of your post’s and enjoy them so much. Thank you for continuing and stay safe and eat healthy there in the big apple!


  3. Love this post script note. Just as I love your blog but hate the reason you started it.

    City living is so full of toxicity and pollutants – only really think about it when drastic health problems arise. The other effects are insidious and you can live without noticing. But city life has other rich offerings, especially places NY or London. I suppose that’s one reason why we live in cities.

    Much love to you, please keep posting. I love to read your thoughts on so many things and I’m so sorry for your loss.


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