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I took the idea of a past life regression very lightly before I did it.  I thought it would be a bit like playing dress up, where I got to picture myself in lots of other lives; Lucie the monk, the match girl, the Amazonian warrior. But it turns out to be a very deep form of therapy.  I got to see where some of my karma in this life came from. Old injuries, actions and patterns that have played out in previous lives, have reappeared, been reversed and in some cases healed in this life.  The information doesn’t land in your lap during the session (or at least it didn’t for me).  It came seeping through in spurts over the following weeks.  I nearly dropped to the floor a couple of times suddenly making connections.  Not so much ‘Aha’ moments as ‘Oh my God!’.  Sophia Kramer, my regression therapist, (she trained with Michael Newton author of Journey of Souls) says that the spirits only let you see what you can deal with. Well, let’s just say they weren’t holding back.  When we chatted on Monday, Sophia said she was surprised at how much I’ve been shown:  ‘After the year you’ve already had.’  Processing everything is taking me a little while, but I can feel budding underneath a new strength and calm. And best of all, Laura popped up in my dreams last night.

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  1. Loredana says:

    How beautiful!


  2. I am so happy for you, Lucie, that you have come to this place of inner peace, new strength and gained so many profound insights. Thank you for sharing with your blog family who love and cherish you so much.


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