Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Last night my parents and I lit candles and raised a glass to all those we’ve loved and lost recently. It is quite a tally. My Aunt Ellen just lost her husband Art and her daughter Janet, my mum lost 3 brothers (David, Robert and Frank), my aunt Isabel lost her husband Campbell, my brother lost his best friend and I lost Laura. Also gone and dearly loved, are Dr Hal Huggins (“Huggy”), the man who saved my life and healed me from MS and Laura and I’s Gerson friends Becky and Jessica. Life isn’t a box of chocolates, as Forrest Gump once said, it is more like an airport filled with arrivals and departures. So I also gave thanks for all the new beginnings. Two sets of dear friends recently had twins. So here’s to Sasha and Adam, and Hunter and Grayson. These beautiful little lives bring heaven to earth for us with their exuberance, wonder and joy.

Laura with twins Adam and Sasha

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  1. Toni says:

    Here’s to many wonderful beginnings my dear friend – which will stand on the shoulders of what we are thankful for. Much Love


  2. rbarnes36 says:

    Blessings for the New Year!


  3. May the New Year bring love, joy, peace and many positive happenings to all of us!
    You made such an apt statement, Lucie. Nothing comes closer to the truth than what you cited above: “Life isn’t a box of chocolates, it is more like an airport filled with departures and arrivals”.
    My husband’s best friend died yesterday.
    With love from Angelika


    1. Oh Angelika am so sorry to hear your sad news. Wishing you all the things you wish for in 2015. Lucie x


      1. Thanks, Lucie. One of my wishes will come true this month. I will finally get my second prosthesis and stand on two legs again after almost three years. I feel so thrilled about that moment to come soon. -Angelika


        1. That is so fantastic!!! Will you send me a picture when you finally get to stand on 2 legs again. I am so happy for you Angelika. Lucie x


          1. Yes, I will send a picture some time, eventually. I met my new hip and knee joint today. They will be all assembled to a leg plus an ankle by next week. I will be standing on two legs next Friday.
            Enjoy your stay in England and with your family, Lucie.
            Angelika. xoxo


  4. Jamie says:

    It is important to celebrate and remember those we love – whether they are here and now, or have departed. Or whether they are near or far. Sending shout outs of celebration and honor to you and yours!


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