Laura Schair 29 Oct 1954 – 16 Jan 2014



laura 6Laura selfie 2010



8 thoughts on “Laura Schair 29 Oct 1954 – 16 Jan 2014

  1. Her beauty alone and yours together seem almost supernatural. I don’t understand any of it so I have no comfort to offer. I trust that there must be some sense to it all- even if we dont see it?


  2. Remembering the night Laura passed…….well, words fail me Lucie….they really do…and I cannot tell you how much this blog has meant to me in so many ways. When I collect my thoughts and am able to find the words, I will try to compose an appropriate “comment”. In the meantime, I want to say that I was truly blessed to be with Laura for a short time just a few hours before her passing. Indeed, the peace I felt in that room that night surpassed any sense of peace I have ever EVER experienced. As I looked at Laura closely, I felt a sense of relief knowing that she was on her way to a new life. Free of the of suffering. When I left her room, I sat down in the lobby of the hospital for a while because I didn’t want to lose that gentle peace that I felt upstairs. I didn’t want to face the chaos of the NYC streets, and the stress of my everyday life. I eventually got up and out onto the city streets, but I felt my own spirit had been nourished, strengthened and enriched….and I thanked God for Laura’s life. And thank you Lucie for keeping us so intimately involved in your journey this past year . You are a sweet soul….a gift Laura left behind for us to share!! Marion xoxo


  3. I am very sad to JUST learn about Laura’s passing. I met her at a Lifespring course in NYC about 20 yrs ago and i remember her as a very sweet, loving person. Although she passed through my life briefly, she made an impact which i won’t forget. G-D bless her soul .


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