In Praise of the Monkey Mind

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I feel very conflicted when I hear meditators diss our chatter box left-brain, or ‘monkey mind’.  Sure our right brain is the place of oneness, unity and selfless serenity. It’s the goody two shoes side of us, the saint, the sufi, the place of silence and repose. In other words, it is our spiritual side. The place we all think we ought to be.

But as I see it, we have two side of our brain for a reason. Our left brain is our ebullient human side; all smart ass yak, high anxiety freak-outs, fanciful ego trips and impulse buys. But this is also the part of us that reaches out and grabs the world with both hands, turns things over, explores and grasps for truths. At its worst it is the Grinch. At its best it is Rumi, Mary Oliver and Shakespeare.

So it was a great relief when my friend Loredana and I went to hear Abraham Hicks (a spiritual entity who imparts simple spiritual wisdom) and we discovered that Abraham teaches that our sifting and sorting minds are a vital asset, helping us pinpoint our desires and drive evolution of the planet and the spirit realm. The problem, of course, is that if we get stuck ‘sifting and sorting’ we become like a broken record.  Our purpose in life is to find joy.  To feel around the edges of what joy means for us and to follow it with all our heart.

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  1. says:

    Oh nice, you went to hear Abraham! Isn’t Esther Hicks fun? I found it a bit distracting to watch her though and prefer listening to her talks instead. But she is wonderful! So happy to hear you got to see her!


    1. it is amazing how the collective consciousness in the room works. i had 5 questions. I didn’t get picked to talk to ‘Abraham’, but all my questions were answered (except the one, which I had already been given the answer to by my ‘higher self’). AND I also got answers to questions which I didn’t dare ask…stuff I needed to know. Have you seen him/her in person too?? We have to catch up soon….I keep dreaming of Sedona (Abraham talked about sedona and vortexes!)


      1. says:

        Yes, Charles and I went to see her about 18 years ago when she came to Phoenix, and then I went about ten years ago to see her when she had a talk here in Sedona. It was fun to see her in person, but again, for me, distracting. For years we listened to tapes of her lectures which was better for me for some reason, just her speaking, nothing distracting. I loved that she wore false eyelashes and lots of makeup; typical Texas housewife. * smile


  2. rbarnes36 says:

    Come next time I offer a Centering Prayer workshop. I think you may find it helpful and really resonate with it.


  3. Jamie says:

    Why do we make it so hard sometimes. The joy is there. It is here.


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