Call it the Samson effect. Delilah snipped off all of Samson’s hair and with it went his magical strength.  It turns out this wasn’t a myth after all. Our hair is a form of extra-sensory antenna. When we crop our hair, we lose our sensitivity to our environment, to those around us and we greatly diminish our intuition. Don’t take my word for it.  I just learned from Sue Frederick that the American military began studying this phenomenon during the Vietnam War. Native Americans with supernatural tracking abilities were enlisted to help in the war effort, but the minute they were given a short back and sides their powers vanished. It happened so often, the military began studies to see what difference hair length made and found that when hair was close cropped, intuition was pretty much shorn off too. (Of course, it still hasn’t effected their hair policy). Apparently for men it relates to facial hair too (the more the better). I’ll bet dyeing our hair destroys our sensitivity too.

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  1. Can’t agree on this one. I always feel better after a hair cut. Nice and short, especially in the summer. I personally like short hair. I guess there are different studies going around the globe. Some say bacteria settle easily in men’s beards.
    I do agree, though, on the bad health effects of dyeing hair. They are chemicals which go through our body. I do believe in the study that says hair dye goes through the kidneys and has a damaging effect on our internal organs. Even the natural-based, non-ammonia colors. Also, make-up is bad for our skin. It doesn’t allow the skin to breath. That’s why the skin of women who use make-up regularly age faster.


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