Free Bird

hang1I’ve always wanted to fly like a bird.  Yesterday I got my wish.  My co-pilot, Thomas at (Hangar3 Middletown, NY) let my fly for a bit over a mile above ground (nearly 6,000 feet). Then he showed me how it’s really done with lots of rolls, stalls and swooping turns. It couldn’t have been more fun.  My friend Marian also went up. We still feel like birds today.hang4Me flying! Thomas isn’t using his hands..hang6a sausage roll..hang9aor two..


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  1. Great set of photos Lucie G xx


  2. mary lou says:

    Your photos made my heart stop! I tried to walk across the “high bridge’ once and ended up clutching the arm of the stranger walking beside me.

    I leave you, Lucie, with a great deal of respect.


    1. one of the guys at the flying center, who flies microlight planes and hang glides said he doesn’t like tall buildings or bridges, he is scared of heights. Go figure!


  3. Jamie says:



  4. tonimulraney says:

    That’s my Lucie! Envious and inspired!


  5. They came to the edge and stood uncertain. He pushed them – and they had wings!


  6. I think it is wonderful that you are able to enjoy the mundane and fun worldly things while being so spiritually open and conscious at the same time. I find this a very rare and valuable combination. Most people in spiritual circles find the time and have the patience to meditate and talk about spiritual matters, but they are not up to DO anything fun. Other people are are too busy with work and responsibilities and have no time for anything fun to do. In one of your past posts you said that it’s hard to find people to just BE with. I find it 1000 times harder to find someone to DO things with. Really nobody seems to have either time or motivation in our modern busy world to do enjoyable activities. Perhaps I am the only one with these complaints.


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