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  1. tonimulraney says:

    cute! and you stick to it girl! Hope you are having a wonderful day. 🎂🎈🎉 >


  2. Luciane says:

    So sweet! I love this! Keep being this girl, making and seeing life from your own experience and perspective. Enjoy your lovely day!


  3. ml says:

    Love that photo and think that you are a very special flowers in my garden.

    Happy birthday, Lucie!!!


  4. Katy Keck says:

    Continue kicking ass sista!! And eat waaaay too much cake!


  5. Jamie says:

    and we get the joy of your vision and experience!


  6. Luciane says:

    The other day I was walking on the beach and I saw this cute little girl in this same position of yours. She stand there for quite a while, looking the world upside down in such a curiosity and happiness. She made me smile and laugh as she would just be there looking between her legs. An adorable sweet little girl having fun in her own particularly way.


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