We’re here!!!


We’re here!!  Last night my friend Gill and I arrived in Uluru. ‘I’m so excited I think my phone is going to explode,’ Gill said when trying to capture the view from our deck at Longitude 131.  ‘Doesn’t it look like a giant brownie.’  Well er yes and no.  That might have been hunger-speaking after hours of traveling.  It certainly is magnetic.  I just want to look at it all day. We slept last night in the open air with Uluru at the foot of the bed and a storm playing across the heavens. In an hour we’re headed off for a sunset walk.  I want to go and cuddle it.






3 Comments Add yours

  1. Loredana says:

    I wish I was there to walk with you the 10-Km path around it.


  2. mary russell says:

    Looks like a wonder—ful trip!


  3. barrie legg says:

    oh you two! Just like the old days! lots and lots of love to you both
    have a fantastic time and keep sending the pics!!!!!
    lovel y to see you Gill!!!
    Barrie xxx


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