Blue Orbs

Something weird happens in fourteen photos I took on my Sedona trip. I only realized when I got home. Little blue orbs float through some images. Orbs of different sizes appear in different places on the images. Take a look for yourself. My favorite is the orb that seems to have a white halo around it.


On the internet, people say that blue orbs indicate the presence of a spirit guide. ‘A calming peaceful being that brings guidance.’ Is that you, mum? It certainly felt like it. Each time an orb appeared in a photo, it was a special moment.  I was on my own sitting, or standing, on a favorite vortex in Sedona, looking at the sunrise or sunset with my heart open wide and full of peace, delight and awe.

And then there is the white orb that appears to hover below my naval, on the sacral chakra or dantian (as we call it in Tai Chi), which translates as the ‘elixir field’, ‘sea of chi’ or center of ‘life-force energy’.  Some say orbs on the body represent energy emanations from us.

The white orb on my Tantian appeared the day I summited Bell Rock, I felt fully at one with myself and the energy around me. Shortly afterwards a stranger took the most beautiful image of me doing Tai Chi in this wonderful spot.



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