Carers Beware

The Gerson Clinic is very strict about food.  Not only for the patient, but also for the carer.  You get the exact same 3 vegetarian meals (potato, potato, potato, salad and fruit)  as the patient. No deviation. Well, not unless you fancy a cup of coffee (I guess they have a lot left over from preparing all the enemas).

Laura seems to be doing very well on the diet plus 8 juices/3 enemas a day. Yesterday she graduated to 10 juices/3 enemas. Her only symptom at the moment is she is very sleepy.   Unfortunately, I’ve gotten very weak from the diet.  At home I eat a much broader range of foods – lot of greens like kale, chard, spinach (not just watery lettuce and squash), a little animal protein at most meals (including eggs for breakfast), nuts, seeds and legumes.  None of these foods are available here at the clinic.  The only option is a taco stand around the corner…

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