Gerson Therapy – daily schedule

Here’s Laura’s new daily schedule.  On Castor oil days (every other day) we have to be up at 5.15am, so Laura can drink castor oil at 5.30am…bleurgh!


(13 juices + 5 enemas)

5.45am  Take blood pressure, pulse, temperature +½ cup gruel

6am       ENEMA (8oz coffee + 24oz water)

7.30am  Inflazyme x3

7.45am  Colostrum (500mg) x2, acidol x2

8am       BREAKFAST,  rolled oats + soaked dried fruit,

              grapefruit juice (potassium  x3 tspn + lugol’s 2% x 1drop)

              selenium (200mg) x1, COQ10 (60mg) x1, B12 x1, Thyroid x ½,

              milk thistle (200mg) x2

8.30am  pancreatin (325mg) x3

9am       green juice (potassium  x3 tspn)

9.30am  carrot+apple juice (potassium  x3 tspn)

9.45am   ½ cup gruel

10am      carrot+apple juice (potassium  x3 tspn)


11am      carrot juice, liver capsules x4

12am      green juice (potassium x3tspn)

12.30pm inflazyme x3

12.45pm  colostrums x2, acidol x2

1pm         LUNCH, Hippocrates soup, baked potato,cooked veg, salads and fruit

                carrot+apple juice (potassium x3 tspn + lugol’s x1 drop)

                COQ10 x2, flax oil x 1tbspn, milk thistle x2

1.30pm    pancreatin x3

1.45pm    ½ cup gruel

2pm         green juice (potassium x3 tspn)


3pm        carrot juice, liver capsules x4

4pm        carrot juice, liver capsules x4

4.45pm   ½ cup gruel

5pm        carrot+apple juice (potassium x 3tspn), pancreatin x3


5.30pm    Inflazyme x3

5.45pm    colostrums x2, acidol x2

6pm         DINNER, Hippocrates soup, baked potato,cooked veg, salads

                 carrot+apple juice (potassium x3 tspn + lugol’s x1 drop)

                 COQ10 x2, flax oil x1 tbspn, selenium x1, milk thistle x2

6.30pm     pancreatin x3

7pm          green juice (potassium x3 tspn)

                  take blood pressure, pulse, temperature

8.45pm     ½ cup gruel

9pm          ENEMA

9.45pm      valerian x2 (optional for sleeping)


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  1. colette says:

    wow. i am so impressed by your commitment, Laura; and glad you have Lucy’s support.


  2. Johnd745 says:

    As soon as I found this internet site I went on reddit to share some of the love with them.


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