Shopping List

Lunch and dinner at the Gerson Clinic are the same.  The Hippocrates soup is made of potatoes, celery root and tomatoes.

I don’t know which is worse Laura’s new daily schedule (which I’ll post later), or our weekly shopping list which we just received. It starts off: “50 lbs carrots, 40 lbs apples, 38 heads of lettuce, 25 lbs potatoes, 25 lbs onions, 15 lbs oranges, 15 gallons distilled water, 5 lbs organic coffee….”Oh boy!

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  1. Kerry says:

    You two can do it. You’ll get help. It’s gonna be ok.


  2. Katy Keck says:

    Holy crap – how can you drink poop live and shop. Please tell me you are not in a walkup???!!!!!! Can you get a weekly delivery?

    I got that Lucie is doing everything that Laura is – no dyes, creams, quarterpounders, etc – but do you also do the coffee enemas? That would seem like you need to 2 loos. If you don’t do the enemas, will Charlotte faint that you aren’t doing an enema per 3 juices? Or do you just do the same meals. Inquiring minds want to know.

    Keep up the great work – like bad gas, this too shall pass.


    1. Hi Katy fortunately they don’t expect me to do any enemas or all the juices (I get three). They just want me to eat all the same food at meals as laura. They insist every patient has a carer with them because the Gerson therapy is so intensive and I’m basically here to learn how to make everything and take care of laura. It’s a bit daunting at the moment, but we know if we can do this Laura will get well. All the love and support of our friends means so much to us both. Thank you!! Lx


  3. Jamie says:

    Wow! That is some shopping list. You may need a wheel barrow for hauling all those veggies. And yes, thank goodness you live in an elevator building.


  4. Jake aka Heather says:

    Just thinking out loud here, but I wonder if you could somehow pool together with other New Yorker’s that are also on the Gerson healing diet, and maybe get a group grant related to cancer and “alternative” healing? Susan Lopez also had the idea of Laura selling some of her amazing black and white photos to help out. She thought that if they were sold online with a higher pixilation then they could be printed out by the buyer. Just brain storming. I send you both bushels of love!


    1. Hi Heather, we’d love to create postcards out of Laura’s photos and sell them in packs of 6 or 10 to raise funds for her recovery. we’re not sure how to do this? if anyone has an idea, could they email or call me when we’re back in NY. Lx


      1. Jake aka Heather says:

        Postcards are a great idea. I will contact Susan and see if she knows how to do that.


  5. Melodie Bryant says:

    I am so impressed by what you are both doing! I log on everyday to hear about the routine, your spirits, and your progress. sending much love! Mellie


  6. Katy Keck says:

    Thanks for the clarification Lucie. I am so glad that Laura has you to get her through this. What a commitment, but isn’t she worth it? Love to you both and sending you healing vibes. Keep up the great work. Have shared your blog with many and they are spreading the word which spreads the energy. Katy


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