Tough Times

The last 4 days have been pretty rough going.  Since Laura started on the full program and the castor oil enemas, she has been in a lot of discomfort.  In Gerson-ese she is having a ‘flare-up’ as all the toxins pour out of her body.  On saturday she had stomach pain, weakness, light-headedness and she broke out in bumps on her forehead and developed a cough. On sunday she felt a burning sensation from her throat to her stomach that made it hard to eat. The enemas aren’t working as well either, which is worrying. Today we’re hoping Dr Cervantes might modify her protocol to give her a chance to recover.

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  1. Jake aka Heather says:

    Sounds like the program is flushing out all the toxins and her body is reacting. I would imagine that a rigorous diet like that would make all the toxins pour out of the body so quickly that the body has to keep up with all that cleansing. I am praying for you Laura.


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