Good News + Not Such Great News

‘Don’t worry.  It is a typical healing reaction, and a very good one,’ Dr Melendez told Laura this morning after breakfast.  Dr Melendez is co-owner of the clinic and one of the best known Gerson doctors. She has treated patients at the Gerson clinic for over 20 years.  She and Dr Cervantes have dropped Laura back to 10 juices and 4 enemas a day.  But she still has to do the castor oil enemas.

The not so good news…? Dr Cervantes has me taking castor oil (by mouth only) too.  I’ve gotten a stomach bug and my innards are doing a very good impersonation of a washing machine.


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  1. Carol Nolan says:

    Lucie…you are a godsend!! I have been following ya’ll every day. I don’t ever want to hear anybody complain about their day when I see what you are both going through. Amazing commitment on both your parts. Each day as I go thru the day I think about everything you’ve given up and how hard you have fought to get through each day. And Laura, I am so proud of you. U 2 R amazing!!!!! Sending love & light~


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