Weekend Warriors

As it rained down carrots in the kitchen Kerry sighed: ‘Well, I always wanted to be a redhead, or at least live the life of a redhead.’ These past few weekends, the Warriors have juiced juiced, juiced and kept Laura and I in great spirits.   Laura also got a foot massage from Marilyn, Bill indulged her food fantasies (we’re still salivating over his recipe for oxtail soup) and Bobby regaled us with tales of his nudist exploits on NY beaches (apparently the best way to get your Vitamin D). Thank you Bianca, Bill, Bobby, Carol, Cathy, Joan, Kerry, Lisa, Marilyn, Patsy, Reg, Robes and Sue.

P1080538 2
Marilyn giving Laura a foot massage

Lisa, Laura and Bianca

Bill,Laura and Sue

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  1. Jake aka Heather says:

    It is so beautiful to see all the love you are getting in these days of recovery. Soak in all that love and spport! Thank you so much for sharing your recovery process. A big hug from me.


  2. Jamie says:

    You and your warriors are looking great! I am glad that you are surrounded with so many loving people!


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