Blood Work Update

Dr Cervantes at the Gerson Clinic in Mexico isn’t happy with Laura’s blood work. Her sodium and chloride levels have dropped too low, her LDH (the cancer marker) has leapt up to 390 and he is worried she isn’t eating all her meals, especially on castor oil days.  This is a big deal.  It’s really important she keeps eating to keep her strength up. So he has ordered her to take a 2 week mini-break in which she cuts back to 9 juices and 3 enemas a day and stops the castor oil enemas to allow her stomach to recover.  If all’s well in 2 weeks time, he wants her back on the full protocol of 4 or 5 enemas and 10-13 juices a day, ‘You need to do this to bring the LDH down’.

One thing that might be contributing to her stomach issues is stress.  Laura’s had endless stress trying to come off her anti-depressants without proper guidance from her psychiatrist.  Fortunately he has now dropped her and we have a whole new team of depression experts and some alternative tools and as a result Laura is doing much better. Also fighting with her landlord of 35 years over the right to sublet her apartment has been super stressful.  But we’re resolving that too with the help of a fantastic new lawyer.

Keeping Laura’s stomach happy requires a huge amount of vigilance.  Not making the coffee too strong, not overcooking her vegetables or giving her too much juice.  It is really easy to accidentally give Laura an ounce extra on each juice (usually well meaning), but over a whole day of 10 juices, that extra ounce adds up to one extra juice and then some.

So, in short, we’re asking everyone to send up positive thoughts, prayers and good energy for Laura so her body can recover over the next 2 weeks and then she can get back on the full healing regime.

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  1. Jamie says:

    Sending up love and prayers and healing thoughts for you Laura!


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