Comfort Me with Apples


In his original book A Cancer Therapy, Max Gerson notes that during healing reactions patients typically ask for more raw uncooked foods and more apple juice, raw grated apples and mashed bananas. On Monday morning, Laura felt nauseous again. She didn’t feel like eating, not even her rolled oats for breakfast. Instead she was craving fruits as Gerson said.  So our good friend  Nicki and I baked her some apples with brown sugar, dried raisins and dried apricots and made lemon water to soothe her liver. Ever since, Laura has been eating apple sauce, apple juice, mashed banana, some grapes and baked potato pie with dill. She managed 5 enemas and 11 juices on monday and tuesday. Her green juices made her vomit, so she had to take them as rectal implants.

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