Full-on Healing Reaction Begins..

On Sunday Nov 17th, Laura woke up and felt particularly dreadful.  She was headachy, weak, anxious, nauseous, somewhat confused, she had difficulty finding  the right words, her vision was blurry and she was running a fever.  For a few seconds she also developed numbness in one hand and on her face. What to do?  The Gerson book, Healing the Gerson Way, tells of a woman with melanoma who went to the ER because she thought the therapy wasn’t working.  She had woken up speaking nonsense and was disoriented. It was the start of the tumor die off and she didn’t know it. Instead she  just made herself worse by going to the ER, not doing any enemas and wasting valuable time.  Max Gerson in his book, A Cancer Therapy, recommends patients do enemas every 2 hours when their symptoms worsen and a healing reaction starts. This is what the woman with melanoma did (eventually) and she recovered.

On sunday, it was the hardest decision Laura and I have ever made, but we decided to revert to Max Gerson’s original prescription and ramp up the enemas.  Laura did 7 enemas and 11 juices back to back. She also downed lots of gruel and some peppermint tea. Twice I rubbed her down with distilled water mixed with 2 tablespoons each of apple cider vinegar and rubbing alcohol as per Gerson’s instructions.  It was like watching a miracle seeing the transformation.  By  lunchtime she had unfurled from a fetal position and out of the blue she corrected my grammar and in the afternoon her color returned and her humor too.  George, Bobby and Reg, 3 of our fearless Weekend Warriors, worked long shifts with me to make it possible for Laura and I  to do this. We can never thank you enough.

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