Good Samaritans

Yesterday I lost my purse (that’s ‘pocket book’ if you live in the US) in the back of a taxi cab.  it contained nearly every vital bit of documentation Laura and I own and quite a bit of cash. A sweet man called Gregory called to say he had found it.  And when I picked it up today, he wouldn’t take a reward.  instead he gave me a cash filled envelope addressed to Lucie and Laura ‘for something fun’ from Julia, Gregory and Wilbur.  It was an astonishing act of kindness on one of the hardest days of my life.


5 thoughts on “Good Samaritans

  1. I have been such a good samaritan; and have encountered the same when I lost my wallet. They appear as a result of causes we ourselves have made. No one could be making more causes for the happiness of another than you. You summoned him.

    I hope you have his contact information, because we would all like to thank him.


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