The calla lilies Laura and I bought at City Hall when we got our marriage license in early December are incredibly still alive 3 and a half weeks later.  Not all of them.  Just two.  This little miracle gives us great pleasure.

The clerk at City Hall in Manhattan told us that now even numbers of gay and straight couples are applying for marriage licenses.  This just happened since section 3 of DOMA (the defense of marriage act) was declared  unconstitutional in June 2013. It was just a few weeks after Laura was diagnosed with cancer that the act was struck down by the supreme court. We rushed to Christopher St to hear the amazing Edie Windsor’s speech and celebrate the victory!  A lifetime’s worth of pain and non-acceptance lifted in a heart beat.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. What a beautiful thing. May your pair of lilies continue to bloom!


  2. A very moving photo to end 2013. Stevexxxx


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