We are so blessed..

We are so blessed to have such an amazing team of doctors, Dr Wolchok, Dr Moryl and Dr Postow at Memorial Sloan Kettering working to make Laura comfortable and ease her distress.  Her meteorically fast tumors have out-paced lesser doctors ability to catch up with her new symptoms.  Today she has massive weakness in her legs (the physio-therapy team brought in a walker for her), her hugely swollen belly is pushing up on her lungs and she is more agitated than before. The doctors are going to try and drain her belly a little today. And the really good news is she is pain-free and nausea-free for the first time in a long time and that is a huge relief.

We’ve been so lucky to have so many angels around us.  Not just Laura’s wonderful family of relatives and friends, but recent acquaintances who’ve taken it upon themselves to help us out.  Among the notables are Nita Vyas at Proskauer, the legal team at NYLAG, Dr Shah, Dr Golden, Stephen Rudin and Donna and Ben Rosen.  There aren’t words to thank you all enough.

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  1. Orin says:

    Laura and Lucie
    Because I do not know much about how the blog works, I have missed the entries since “Please help us”. Several times daily, I have been reading the replies from so many loving friends that- once again- I am in awe of how many people are in your family and how much they love you
    Laura,, last night I saw Anderson Cooper on CBS diving to see Nile Alligators, and I wanted to call you to tell her about it. (Lucie, I have called you Laura often whenever there was a PBS Nture show she might want to see.) Just now I learned that Laura is nausea and pain free, and this is good news. I have played your marriage video just so I can hear the Big Girl’s laugh. It is infectious and makes me smile even now. I have listened to your laugh so much that I can hear it in my head.
    Thank you for sharing this with us, Lucie and Laura. You are both angels and warriors.
    .Love, Orin


  2. Marian heller says:

    I’m also checking in every day, reading all these extraordinary words, witnessing extraordinary love, peace, honesty, tenderness, humor, surrender, inspiration. it is beautifully overwhelming, and a rare privilege to behold and partake of such generous, loving intimacy. i loved looking through Laura’s photos. A treasured photo of me is one Laura took at Souen a few years ago – thank you Laura. I wish I could more eloquently express my love and appreciation for both of you.

    Thank you, and I shower you with endless blessings and love,


  3. elaine souda says:

    Dear Laura and Lucie,

    I’m so glad to hear that there are many many angels all around you. And the doctors/angels at the hospital have helped Laura so her pain and nausea is gone. I hope you are having a beautiful night together.

    Thinking of you both.



  4. Dear Laura and Lucie,

    You may feel the presence of so many angels who have helped yet all of us in your family of friends feels blessed to have you as angels in our lives. Know we are with you in spirit, support and love.

    Kathy and Dan and everyone from the McBurney YMCA


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