Laura’s artwork

Laura's eye

In case you missed this in the comments, Elaine Souda posted this beautiful photograph of Laura’s (a Laura favorite) and wrote –

“It was just an ordinary day at Washington Square Park but Laura shows us the extraordinary in the ordinary and we all become that little girl in the picture. This radiant image also captures Laura.  She is the girl reaching out, she is the water, she is the light, she is that moment in time that is so full of the wonder of life…”

Here is a link to Laura’s photography website

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  1. rbarnes36 says:

    What an extraordinary photo! Amazingly beautiful! It captures what words could never begon to express.


  2. Kathleen Blake says:

    I noticed this in the comments and appreciated the link to Laura’s work. She is truly an artist. I loved the photos of her mother! Ohhh and the dogs too! She captured their beauty so wonderfully. It is really true what they say…”Love walks on four paws.” I am a big fan of your photos Laura, so glad I got to see them!


  3. Thanks For pointing this out Lucie. Laura’s got a great eye in addition to an amazing smile!


  4. Jamie says:

    Thank you all for sharing the beauty that one finds in a moment…and in sharing that moment we all share and come to know beauty.


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