Laura has not woken up since this morning. She is heavily sedated now and breathing lightly.  Her brother Barry, her former partner Kerry and I are here with her this evening.  An hour ago, the very reverend Rebecca, who married us popped in to do a blessing. Laura is surrounded by love both present and virtual and the incredibly kind and big hearted nurses and doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering have created a cocoon of warmth, support and peace around us.  

I wanted to light some candles for our vigil but fortunately Rebecca pointed out that it says in bold letters on the door to Laura’s room ‘No Smoking.  Oxygen.’  The last thing we need  now is to blow up the hospital. 


19 thoughts on “Vigil

  1. So much Love is surrounding Laura. I’m glad.
    I’m with you Lucy and with people closest to Laura’s heart who are in the room with her.
    I love you Laura. Always and forever.


  2. Sending love and saying prayers. Please give Laura my love. And Lucie, much love to you. You are the love of Laura’s life and she is blessed to have you there with her… I am, as well as many others, very sad to hear this news. I will keep praying for Laura and for you, Lucie and for all of us who love her. Love, elaine


  3. lighting a candle, to burn through the night – Lucie, I am with you – in california, in my heart – enveloping you both in a warm embrace, a tenderness, a grace – forever love


  4. Thank you so much for sharing your journey here. I think of you both every day and am sending you lots of love and light from Australia. Not that you need it. Your love for each other lights up the whole world.


  5. Walking through Washington Square Park tonight I can’t help but think of Laura, it was her backyard. Thank you Laura for all your lovely and touching photographs. May you rest sweetly, my dear.


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