As Laura lies gently breathing, I see occasional sparks of light like fireflies glowing around her head.  Earlier this evening I saw an intense green white aura surrounding her face.  It could be sitting too long in the semi-darkness with all the strange electrical paraphernalia of the hospital.  But  the night before we came to Memorial Sloan Kettering I had another odd sensation of light around Laura.

We were told to come to the hospital on Monday 23rd December, but we decided to delay a day so that we could have one last night together at home.  We had a little bottle of water from Lourdes that a friend had given Laura and that she wanted me to put on her tumors. So  I lit candles, played Samuel Barber’s Agnus Dei (which she adores) and gently dabbed her wounded body.  She said it felt soothing and we both sent up a little prayer.  I asked for a miracle or if that wasn’t to be, for Laura not to suffer and to go quickly and peacefully.  Into my head came a vision of  a figure fully illuminated from head to toe, lying on a bed surrounded by dark figures standing vigil.  Then the body floated  gently up and the figure hung in the air above and looked back down and smiled.  I felt in that moment I saw the divine spirit in Laura, what would be and not to be afraid.

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  1. Fatima says:

    They say that the angels come in the room. For Laura and for you, her loved ones. It is so beautiful to hear that you felt them and saw their light (odd sensation). Thank you for sharing that with us, Lucie.


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