the missing photos – part 3

laura under treee

Laura loved to lay out under the trees in Carl Schurz Park. This was during the Gerson diet. We took a couple of carrot juices and stole an hour away from ‘the beast’


She also loved all the flowers people brought her at home and in the hospital. These sunflowers were among her favorites. Beautiful flowers continue to pour in. I’m sure she is admiring them from on high. 

laura sniffing

Initially I worried that cooking non-Gerson food would be hard for Laura. But she loved sniffing ‘real food’. It gave her an appetite she said.

two pooches

Anyone who knew Laura knew she loved dogs. I took pix of pooches for her when she was homebound. She thought this pair a riot in their matching rainbow outfits.

L+tiger 2

Here’s Laura with Tiger. Tickling him was a favorite form of therapy for both of us.

l dress

I teased Laura that she used false advertising in her online dating profile. It showed a wow picture of her in a dress and she had not worn one since. This was Miami February 2013. We had fun dressing up for dinner at the beach. 


We howled with laughter at each other’s terrible jokes. This is Tijuana Beach, during our stay at the Gerson Institute.

L rock

Laura – the catskills, August 2012

10 Comments Add yours

  1. colette says:

    Love these photos! I did not know you two met online. How long did you correspond before sharing geographic space? I would love to talk with you about this if you want to. I have so many questions. For instance, the dress in the online profile, were there a lot more surprises like this? When you met how was Laura more and less than what you had come to expect? How long did it take for you to recognize yourselves as a dynamic duo? So many questions…


  2. Orin says:

    I think I love these pictures most of all. Keep them coming, dear Lucie.


  3. Paul Pilch says:

    You are so right Lucy! 17 years and I don’t think I remember Laura wearing a dress even once. Only shorts for this girl….
    First picture in this post (under the trees)… what a knockout!
    Keep them coming please


  4. Fatima says:

    So so beautiful……


  5. Steve Bealing says:

    Great memories of your time together with Laura. I can see why you were such a good couple and that others loved your company too.


  6. love these photos! From beginning to end…


  7. Marion says:

    Laura’s beauty and radiance shines thru in all of the pictures. She had not changed in the 30 odd years I have known her…..well actually I think she got “lovelier” if anything! thank you so much for posting these pictures Lucie and sharing your memories with us.


  8. Jamie says:

    Lucie–thank you and Laura for embracing this cyber space to share your experience and your emotions. It is all beautiful and artful and real. I hope you have people around you in your physical realm. I can not imagine your heartbreak. Take care of you.


  9. Melodie Bryant says:

    She is so beautiful. You both are. Even more beautiful together.


  10. Jo Ann Haun says:

    Thank you so for the photos! It’s a great reminder for those of us far away physically. So happy to see her smile, her strength, her joy. And I can just hear her raucous laugh in the Tijuana photo on the beach.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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