Laura’s Memorial

On February 5 2014, a hundred of Laura’s nearest and dearest came together to celebrate her life and reminisce about her playful, sweet quirky self. It seems she had a nickname for everyone (brownie-poo, pilchie pie, yabo – you get the picture!). The room was filled with love, sharing, heartfelt speeches and fun performances.  Who can forget Jo Waller’s turtle dance (apparently when Laura went scuba diving she couldn’t resist a cute turtle), George Jagatic’s flag dance, Phil Douglas reading Mary Oliver’s When I am Among the Trees, Marilyn Lucchi reading Henry Scott Holland’s Death is Nothing At all and the beautiful music from Fatima El Schibli, Hui Cox, Joyce Nolan, Liz Grohowski and Marian Heller.

The very Reverend Rebecca Barnes, Laura’s friend of 10 years, and the vicar who married us, gave Laura a beautiful spiritual send off and Steve Brown, Laura’s boss and friend of over 20 years, catered the event at his Trinity Cafe near Wall St. The love in the room was palpable. Everyone gave their best and shared laughter and tears. We started with Laura’s favorite classical piece Samuel Barber’s Agnus Dei and ended with a line dance! From the sublime to the silly – in true Laura style.

Below is the slideshow that Hui, Reg Kahney and I put together for the memorial. It took over 18 hours to assemble. It is a mash up of Laura’s life and photography (the music is Vaughan Williams Lark Ascending, another Laura fave).

Laura’s Life and Work 

…. more memorial clips to follow

5 Comments Add yours

  1. reg says:

    thank you so much, lucie


  2. Paul Pilch says:

    Great memories! Thanks Lucie 🙂


  3. Kathleen Blake says:

    Thank you for sharing with us Lucie. Blessings to you; Laura is such a lovely Soul as are you. ❤


  4. jake (aka heather) says:

    Thank you Lucie for sharing these beautiful images of Laura.


  5. A very moving celebration of Laura. It is filled with sunshine and smiles.


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