The 49th day

green dandelions

The buddhists say that on the 49th day after a person dies their soul passes on to its next life, or to a higher plane. I dreaded the 49th day after Laura’s death, knowing her spirit (which I have glimpsed as energy in our apartment and felt as ‘arms’ around me or a ‘cheek’ pressed gently on mine) would probably not be around much longer. I felt torn in two. I’ve tried very hard not to cling to Laura’s spirit holding her in this realm. The night she passed I whispered to her to set herself free, to let her spirit go and not stay in this plane for me. I’ve repeated this over and over since that day.  But it didn’t lessen the dread of her final departure. Then to my surprise when I woke on the 49th day, I felt lightness and joy knowing she is finally at peace and where she is supposed to be.

The 49th day was March 6, 2014

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  1. Steve Brown says:

    Good for you Lucie. It’s the right thing to do spiritually and you can never go wrong following the truth. As you observed, you felt a lightness and joy, which comes from surrendering to the truth. Love, Steve


  2. Carol Nolan says:

    I know how painful this all is for you. On one level…it had to be to let Laura go. Your love & devotion to one another was nothing short of beautiful and very special. Each day will get a little better with time but then there are those moments where you want to scream. Talk to her. Keep her alive inside of your heart. And continue to love her and embrace all that you both shared together. You both were very lucky.
    Thinking of you.


  3. Paul Pilch says:

    The mystery of time


  4. elaine souda says:

    Dear Lucie,
    I think of you often and wonder how you are. Thank you for sharing your journey.

    I think of Laura everyday and miss her. She loved you so much!



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