The Circle of Love

Todd Webb

Does true love attract more love to it like a magnet?  It certainly seemed that way for Laura and I.  We felt incredibly blessed by the outpouring of love and support on this blog, by the flow of donations to the Go Fund Me page and by the unstinting help and compassion of the friends who came – often again and again – to juice and to sit vigil on long overnight shifts at the hospital. It buoyed us up and kept us going. I couldn’t have been there for Laura in the way that I was without all of you. I would have burnt out long ago.

For whatever reason Laura never really felt secure in the love of those around her, not until she fell ill and this precious love started to pour in. She resisted it at first. She insisted no-one would come to help juice. Then she said you wouldn’t stick around because ‘the beast’ (our nickname for the Norwalk juicer) was such a temperamental firecracker spitting carrots everywhere (we even found carrot chunks in the bath). And neither of us thought the blog would be of interest once she got sick. We thought we were writing a guide to how best to do the Gerson technique.  So imagine our surprise when instead the blog grew and grew and people around the world joined our vigil and lit candles for  Laura the night she died.

The gift you gave to Laura was transfiguring. The miracle we had wished for was that Laura would live. But the miracle she got was realizing for the first time in her life how loved she was. At the end, she was cocooned in love and I believe it helped shepherd her gently onward.

Since Laura’s passing, I have inherited this extraordinary extended family, which includes so many new friends. You have held my hand through my grief. Many of you I’ve never met.  I know you only via your kind words on this blog. You surround me with love and keep me afloat. I can never thank you enough.

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  1. Kathleen Blake says:

    Lucie, I realize that I only met and spoke with you and Laura a few months ago in the Gerson Support Group and we have never met in person. However, I wanted to tell you that I have been reading this blog since then and I feel like I know you both and have appreciated so much the connection. Your love story is so beautiful and I think when I read your words, even after Laura’s passing, that this would make a beautiful book and would uplift many. Have you thought about that? As sad as her passing is, there is so much beauty too and you are very adept at sharing that with us. For me, it has in many ways, taken away the fear of death and through reading your words and experience through all of this made me look at my own mortality and appreciate life more everyday. Thank you Lucie and Laura.


  2. elaine souda says:

    The circle of love goes on and on and on Lucie.. Thank you for sharing your beautiful and powerful words and your journey with us. HERE IS A VERY BIG HUG FROM ME WHENEVER YOU NEED IT! love, elaine


  3. Marilyn says:

    Ur an amazing woman n wife to think about us at this time. But be aware that ur writings have surrounded us with love!


  4. Leslie Cohen says:

    Thank you.


  5. Angelika says:

    Yes, it is indeed the case that true love attracts more love to it like a magnet. I have experienced this universal law come into action during my times of illness and recovery, too. When you pour out love towards others, it comes back to you multiplied. When someone is very ill or weak, they become vulnerable, and the “veil” or “shell” most of us adults carry around us, falls off and we become in a way like children again – a return to innocence, very loving and loveable. I have had this experience on and off to certain degrees. Before we die, it seems that this loving and loveable state of Being becomes most predominant and lasting until we pass on to the “other side”. This is what must have happened to Laura before she passed.


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