Doggie Love


Laura LOVED dogs. She spent the last 4 years of her life photographing them and took up grooming so she could spend extra hours playing with her furry friends. ‘All I had to do was love them.  I didn’t have to be special.  I didn’t have to have a great resume or anything for them to accept me and love me back,’ she said.

Last week I met Molly, one of Laura’s favorite dogs. Molly placed her head in my lap and looked as if she was giving me her condolences. Her mum Karen says she is an empath and has seen apparitions of Laura around the house. These are photos of the pair when they first met and fell in love.

Many Buddhists (Dr Jean Houston, for instance, who wrote the book Mystical Dogs) think our pooches are our spiritual guides.   My own first love, an English cocker spaniel Ben was certainly intuitive. He always knew the moment I was about to come home and would launch from the front door into my arms. He also knew before I did who was friend or foe. The afternoon Laura went unconscious in the hospital, one of the ‘caring canine’ healing dogs walked in for a visit, took one look at Laura and turned away.  He knew not to disturb her and came to me instead and put his head sorrowfully in my lap.

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  1. Kerry says:

    Thank you, Lucie, for posting some of Laura’s beautiful shadow pictures. I know that must’ve been hard for you to do. And Laura did love dogs, didn’t she?!!! I have to correct you though…she began photographing dogs in 1995 when we got our beloved red-haired poodle, Bridgette. Her aim was to document a dog’s life, and she accomplished this with her stunning and whimsical Bridgette series. Laura took thousands of posed and candid shots of Bridgette over the brief ten years we shared with her. Perhaps you can post some of these pictures here too.


    1. Oh Kerry, of course she loved your dogs Bridgette and Ursi. But I was referring to the collection of dog portraits Laura took after 2009, which she featured on her website She said it was the pain of your breaking up with her and not getting to see Ursi again that set off this new photographic adventure. She used her camera to scope out new doggie friends.

      I am so glad that Laura’s illness closed the circle of love and brought you two together again as friends. Love to you, Lisa and Ursi! Lucie xx


  2. Kathleen Blake says:

    What beautiful photographs! You can feel the love!!


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