The Necklace

Packing for my UK trip, I was thinking how nice it would be to have a piece of Laura’s jewelry to wear, a love token and reminder of my soul mate.  As I don’t have anything else at the moment, I parade about in Laura’s old socks, a couple of her scarves and a belt. I love wearing these ‘comfort clothes’ (as my friend Hope calls them).  They feel like a long loving hug. But they are not things you can wear easily any season, anywhere.  So I was emptying out my jewelry box to see which of my own trinkets to pack and out dropped a great knot of necklaces (which was odd as I had just sorted them out a few days earlier).  In the heart of the clump was a little string of labradorite stones that Laura had bought me at the end of our first year.  It was so delicate I thought it had been lost. But here it was twinkling away, like a nudge from Laura, reminding me that it was the perfect sweet keepsake for my trip.

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