Laura loved Cambridge (where my sister and parents live).  She loved the Brideshead Revisited architecture; the glistening spires, medieval colleges, twisty cobbled streets (Waugh set his novel in Oxford but it looks pretty much the same) and the fact that almost everyone gets around on bicycles.  It was our first holiday together. And now everywhere I look I am reminded of our first adventure.  We stayed in my sister’s 19th century ‘doll’s house’ with its Aga stove (my sister’s family were away motoring about California in an RV). We borrowed my parents car and drove to the beaches in Norfolk.  And we whizzed around cambridge on bikes. Laura fell off repeatedly (she hadn’t ridden since childhood). But despite a few bumps and bruises, she never lost that infectious smile.






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  1. Kathleen Blake says:

    Lucie, thank you for these beautiful photographs. Laura is such a beauty! Her smile is so infectious; even though I never had the pleasure of meeting her in person, your posts about her and your life together make me feel I know you both and I feel very honored. I am happy you are with your family and I know Laura is right there with you!


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