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  1. What a nice family.They all seem like such lovely people.I love your mom’s hat.Necklace,dress,very ladilike….I hope I can look so stylish ,poised and elegant when I reach her age,God willing.You have a nice time,Lucy.


  2. Marion says:

    Following the blog with you as you visit my most favorite place in the world Italy (I have only spent one day of my life there….but I know it is love I feel). Your Mum is beautiful and I wish you and her and your family lots of happy and memorable moments during your trip. As for computers flickering and your finding the necklace…….it all makes sense to me!!! I know these are not just coincidences. So enjoy and take comfort in the love you are still receiving from Laura. Marion xoxo


  3. Jamie says:

    The family is looking good. I am glad you are all dancing in sun and old world beauty. Sending out warm hello’s to you all!


  4. rbarnes36 says:

    Love the beautiful photos. Please keep them coming! Enjoy your time snd travels. All the best wishes to you and yours.


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