I Turisti

1 me+sis

Lucie & Andrea

2 hammock


3 M+D

 Janette & Alex (Mum & Dad)


 Ave, Isabel, Andrea & Saskia (my sister’s family)


4 thoughts on “I Turisti

  1. What a nice family.They all seem like such lovely people.I love your mom’s hat.Necklace,dress,very ladilike….I hope I can look so stylish ,poised and elegant when I reach her age,God willing.You have a nice time,Lucy.


  2. Following the blog with you as you visit my most favorite place in the world Italy (I have only spent one day of my life there….but I know it is love I feel). Your Mum is beautiful and I wish you and her and your family lots of happy and memorable moments during your trip. As for computers flickering and your finding the necklace…….it all makes sense to me!!! I know these are not just coincidences. So enjoy and take comfort in the love you are still receiving from Laura. Marion xoxo


  3. The family is looking good. I am glad you are all dancing in sun and old world beauty. Sending out warm hello’s to you all!


  4. Love the beautiful photos. Please keep them coming! Enjoy your time snd travels. All the best wishes to you and yours.


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