Scuba Girl

I am a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to the sea.  I paddle about, swim a bit (Andrea’s girls have been letting me cling on to their inflatable crocodile with them – it is like a seagoing safety blanket). But mostly I like to lounge or walk on the sand.  Laura wanted to teach me to snorkel so we could swim with the manatees in Florida. Diving was her big passion (along with photography).  At the end of her life, one of the things she was happiest about was that she had taken time out to go on dive trips all over the world (Papua New Guinea, Galapagos, Borneo, Cocos Island, Bali, Thailand, Myanmar, French Polynesia, Socorro Island, Irian Jaya, Singapore, Fiji and Komodo in Indonesia). We dreamed of taking a year out to travel together after she recovered and then to move somewhere sunny by the sea.  When Laura knew she wasn’t going to make it, she said I should travel. Here is Laura on her last trip, swimming with the whale sharks in Mexico.


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  1. These are beautiful pictures.All of your pictures are also very serene, like they have come straight from the National Geographic and they imbue the reader with a sense of harmony and inner peace.Blue seems to be the most soothing color in photography /I tend to install blue wallpapers on my computer most of the time/ and the white and black photography conveys that elusive and hard to capture sense of melancholy and nostalgia … is is like a poetry accompanying the teller”s story.Great shots.


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