Laura – Washington Square Park

When Laura was taking photographs, she was in her element. She became so engrossed I could have emigrated and she wouldn’t have noticed. The first photo I took of Laura in Washington Square Park, her favorite park (just a few streets from her home on Gay St). She was entranced by the pigeon man and photographed him repeatedly. The second photo is one of Laura’s favorites.

laura park2

pigeon man
Pigeon Man – Laura Schair

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  1. Wow. What great photography indeed. Being a photographer myself, I am very interested in other photographer’s work, and, of course, I checked out Laura’s photo website. What a talented photographer! By the way, your photos are pretty good, too, Lucie. I was quite impressed by your photos from Italy recently. When were these photos taken at Washington Square Park? I have been there many times, too. Just loved strolling around in the West Village. I remember the pigeons, but never saw the pigeon man. I photographed a squirrel on an autumn lawn and children on Halloween at Washington Square Park. I planned my trips and layovers in New York City several times on Halloween Day because I was so fascinated with that particular season. I have never seen a Halloween Parade as big and vibrant as in New York City.


    1. Thanks Magnolia. Where can I see some of your work? The Washington Sq pix were taken in Spring 2011. Laura and I had only just met a few months earlier. Oh what bliss it was..


      1. Angelika says:

        Hi Lucie! You can see some of my photography at http://www.viewbug/member/coxang. I’m sure you will recognize New York in some of my photos. By the way, my real name is Angelika. I only use “Magnolia Garden” as my Facebook name.


        1. hi angelika – can’t make the link work. can you post an image or two? Lucie


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