Week 2: Reversing High Blood Pressure

This week Mum’s blood pressure has been consistently between 118-132 over 72-80.  A drop of over 80 points on the systolic. It is purely the diet, the Resperate breathing technique and a little daily walk.  Mum sweetly says it might have to do with me being home for a visit too.


4 thoughts on “Week 2: Reversing High Blood Pressure

  1. Good to hear that your mum’s blood pressure has dropped. A combination of all the things you said is probably the reason. Have you found a quinoa/amaranth or buckwheat breakfast yet? I would try one for a change, too. Getting tired of the shredded wheat, plus it’s gluten big time.
    Wishing you and your mum continuously all the best.


      1. Yes, I did. I responded but my reply did not get through. I sent you the link again on your Facebook timeline. Sorry, I made a mistake typing the domain. I uploaded a few more pix on this photo website from my NY file, just for you. I’m sure you will recognize some places in NY. Hope you get to the page. -Angelika


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