Happy Birthday Blog

The blog turned a year old this weekend.  It has had over 55,000 hits and has been read in over 90 countries. It started as a way to reach out to friends and loved ones when Laura was ill.  We wrote it mostly late at night and giggled over the entries –  ‘the blanket thief‘ and ‘coffee enema revisited‘ were Laura favorites – and when the Gerson no longer worked, we cried and cried. It was and remains our love story (although it has been a little lopsided of late). I can’t thank everyone enough for the support (especially the commentators). You have carried me through the hardest year of my life and helped me feel less alone.  Thank you!

wedding kiss 2
Lucie and Laura’s wedding

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  1. Katy Keck says:

    Love you both. Was forever grateful for the generous way you tended Laura. Miss her tremendously but so glad she has connected us and that you generously share your talent with words. Blessings.


  2. Sharon Freund says:

    I just read a blog that a friend of my family’s just wrote. She lost her two twin babies…one of them after one day of life and the other just a few weeks ago at 7 months old after a life long battle with a horrible cancer. She just wrote this to her two little angles…… “My heart is perfect because you will live in it always”. Lucie, thank you for helping keep Laura’s sprit alive in many of our hearts through your blog. Also what I consider The “evidence” that you have written about indicating our spirits do indeed live on, will help many of us cope with the passing of our loved ones…something we all must face during our lives. My daughter, tatiana, saw those “illuminations” or balls of pure white light after her grandmother passed when Tati was about 10 and nobody could ever convince her that those lights were not Grandma Lil. They even showed up in photographs that were taken after Grandma Lil left us…..well left us in the physical sense. Apparently, not in the spiritual sense!!!! I think Tati referred to them as “orbs”. Well anyway….may the “orbs” be with you. Marion xoxo


    1. Love that! And also with you..xx


  3. Angelika says:

    If there was ever a marriage made in heaven, it is the one of you, Lucie, and Laura: so pristine, divine, sweet. When the time arrives, you two will celebrate a second heavenly wedding beyond earthly imagination.


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